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*Registration is closed (02/20/23).

   If you want to join remotely, please contact organizers (Kaori Fuyuto and Nodoka Yamanaka).

*Slides can be found on this page (03/06/23):

Day 1 : Thursday, March 2nd, 2023


9:20 – 9:30     Welcome


[Chair: H. Shimizu]

9:30- 10:10       Takahiko Masuda (RIIS, Okayama U)

        “ACME III: electron EDM search using cold ThO molecular beam”

10:10- 10:50     Minori Abe (Hiroshima U)

              “New representation of electronic terms for Schiff moment in molecules”

10:50-11:20      Coffee Break

11:20 – 12:00    Georg Bison (Paul Scherrer Institut)

                          “Neutron EDM search at PSI: results and future prospects”

12:00-14:00    Lunch (

[Chair: N. Yamanaka]

14:00 – 14:40    Rajan Gupta (LANL)

                          “Contributions to neutron EDM from lattice QCD”

14:40 – 15:20    Tian Xia (University of Science and Technology of China)

                         “Measurement of the electric dipole moment of Yb-171 atoms in an optical dipole trap”

15:20-15:50    Coffee Break

15:50-16:30      Naohiro Osamura (Nagoya U)

       “Novel loop-diagrammatic approach to QCD theta parameter and application to the left-right model”

16:30-               Free discussion

Day 2 : Friday, March 3rd, 2023


[Chair: K. Fuyuto]

9:30- 10:10        Takeyasu Ito (LANL)

           “Neutron EDM search at Los Alamos National Laboratory”

10:10- 10:50      Nodoka Yamanaka (KMI, Nagoya U)

                          “Unphysical topological charge in nonabelian gauge theory”

10:50-11:20     Coffee Break

11:20 – 12:00    Zack Lasner (Harvard U)

                         “Laser-cooled polyatomic molecules for CP-violation searches”

12:00-14:00     Lunch (


[Chair: H. Shimizu]

14:00 – 14:40    Bijaya Sahoo (Physical Research Laboratory)

                          “A Complete Theoretical Analysis of Closed-shell Atomic EDMs: case of Xe”

14:40 – 15:20    Yannis Semertzidis (IBS)

                          “A high sensitivity storage ring proton EDM experiment”

15:20-15:50     Coffee Break

15:50-16:30       Shusei Kamioka (KEK) “Search for muon EDM at J-PARC”


16:30-               Free discussion


18:00 -              Workshop dinner at Uogokoro :



Day 3 : Saturday, March 4th, 2023


[Chair: N. Yamanaka]

9:30- 10:10      Kiwoon Choi (IBS)

         “Axion, QCD angle, and the Weinberg operator for EDMs”

10:10- 10:50     Masaaki Kitaguchi (Nagoya U)

                        “Status and Prospects of the TUCAN EDM experiment”

10:50-11:20     Coffee Break

11:20 – 12:00    Kota Yanase (CNS, U of Tokyo)

                         “Shell-model study for nuclear Schiff moments of 129Xe and 199Hg”

12:00-14:00     Lunch (


[Chair: J. Hisano]

14:00 – 14:40    William Michael Snow (Indiana U)

                          “Status of NOPTREX collaboration work toward searches for P-odd/T-odd

                             and P-even/T-odd NN interactions in polarized neutron optics”

14:40 – 15:20    Maxim Pospelov (U of Minnesota)

                         “KM model, semileptonic CP violation and EDMs”

15:20-15:50     Coffee Break

15:50-                 Free discussion


*Workshop dinner at Uogokoro :

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